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WOW Space

metaverse social platform

It integrates all service resources, develops a social platform in big data, and integrates all users in one project with a coherent layout strategy to maximize the commercial value of big data. Integrate blockchain technology into social networking and promote Social-Fi social finance. With various advantages, WOW SPACE not only basically allows individual users to share daily information with corporate users (homepage), but also connects WOW SHOP, allowing users to directly and comprehensively bring their business into and complete transactions directly.

Continuing the era of Application 2.0, “Eating, Drinking, Playing, Clothing, Food, Housing and Traveling” will be unified and arranged globally to create infinite convenience and value for users! Create the world’s first comprehensive platform to realize social and economic value, and break through the traditional barriers of incompatibility of different enterprise information

WOWME Exclusive Loyalty Program

We give out 60% of the profit to our market

Step 1

Refer a friend to register
on WOWME App

Step 2

Once your friend spend on WOW Space and you will earn the bonus

Step 3

Unilevel mechanism can get
up to 18 lvl of bonus for lifetime

1. Alex refer Bryan to register on WOWME APP
2. Bryan (1st lvl) refer Chris (2nd lvl) to register
A > B > C

while Bryan (1st lvl) spend on WOW Space
- Alex entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

while Chris (2nd lvl) spend on WOW Space
- Alex & Bryan (1st lvl) entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

*Our unilevel marketing can go up to 18 levels

Why WOW Space?

1. Global Social Media

WOW Space is a international social platform with decenterlize technology

2. Most Advanced Features

WOWME Space combine all the lastest features under one app

3. Eco System Intergrating

Intergrating WOWME eco system, users can share all their info to eveyone

4. Top Privacy

Users privacy is the core of social media, WOWME will not share or sell any users info to anyone.

5. Bonus For Referral Order

As a WOWME App user, we share our 60% lifetime profit to all user who refer their friend to spend

A completely new metaverse social method

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