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Create an APP with a globalized multi-ecological platform, allowing users around the world to freely conduct cross-border transactions & exchanges, and develop a comprehensive intelligent APP “WOWME” with big data, IOT, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and the concept of the Metaverse

WOW Mall

In order to solve the bottleneck of globalized trade,
WOW MALL came into being.
WOW MALL is the self-operated storeof WOWME Group!

WOW Shop

While deploying WOW MALL self-operated stores, the Group also does not forget to assist entrepreneurs from all over the world to build an open platform “WOW SHOP”

WOW Food

WOWME Group expanding the global unified takeaway service, and users can even order meals and set delivery times for overseas relatives and friends anytime, anywhere!


WOWME Group’s global unified taxi service, no matter which country users step into in the future, can use the WOWME APP to book travel tools uniformly.

WOW News

The founding representative of WOW NEWS will become the first international news advertising service provider. The business is run by Paul Stannard himself. He has served as the manager of 3 media companies listed on the FTSE 500 and has cooperated with internationally renowned brands such as Apple, Rolls-Royce, Harley-Davidson and Porsche.

WOW Space

It integrates all service resources, develops a metaverse social platform with big data, integrates all users in one eco system

WOW Chat

Combined with the social platform, WOW CHAT absorbs the advantages of all chat tools on the market, and maximizes security and privacy. At the same time, it also precisely combines the functions of WOWME payment wallet, allowing all users to make point-to-point transfers of funds (cryptocurrency) in the wallet without worry,

WOW Exchange

As a comprehensive enterprise in the new era, WOWME Group insists on spending huge sums of money to develop a new generation of blockchain 4.0 technology, pushing the blockchain ecosystem to another peak.


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